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    Roll Label


    Why Self Adhesive Labels?


    Industrial and Commercial Use / Custom Shapes and Sizes / Guaranteed to Fit

    Flexographic presses are designed to maximize speed and efficiency in the production of roll labels. Your label manufacturer needs the right machine that best suits your needs. For hi-volume labeling your printer needs wide format presses, and when you only need a thousand labels, a smaller format press is ideal. GPC has the size and layout of press that fits almost any job.

    Whether you need durable labels with operational parameters that include high or extremely low temperatures, Indoor or Outdoor, we will tailor the ink and material to your needs.

    Whether your requirement is a label for a bottle, machine, box, cannister, or packaging, our design and engineering expertise will guide you to the right fit.

    The performance of the label is only as good as the evaluation of how it must perform.

    Our staff will assist you in determining graphic design. We offer advice on font sizes, structure of diagrams and options.


    Types of Flexographic Labels


    Butt Cut Label In a butt cut, the paper is scored, making it easier to remove and apply the labels. This is useful when you have square or rectangular labels with no radii on the corners.
    Coupon Label In a coupon, the primary label sits on top of a printed liner, hiding the text underneath. Useful for any situation where you want a customer to "peel to reveal." 
    Die Cut Label Select from more than 1000 stock sizes and hundreds of custom cut configurations. Combine various sizes, shapes and layouts, all on the same roll.
    Fan Folded Label For use as shipping labels, tickets, or blank instruction labels. Whether you're using pinfeed printers, or just want to reduce the roll to a folded label package, we can provide the size and format you need.
    Perforated Label Perforated is the easiest choice if you need to separate individual labels and still retain the liner.
    Pin Feed Label We can match the pin hole spacing to any tractor feed printer.
    Sheeted Label A roll is converted to individual sheets if your application requires vinyl, plastic, foil, or laser printable sheets. 
    Two Sided Label Need printing on both sides of your label? No problem. Both sides can be printed in one to two solid colors