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    OSHA Label



    Is Your Business OSHA Ready?


    OSHA Compliant / Every Industry / Inspection Ready Value Kits 

    The best example of OSHA label standards arises in the handling of hazardous chemicals and waste. There are dozens of labeling standards outside of OSHA jurisdiction for cosmetics, foods and other consumable items that pose minor health risks. "...OSHA focuses its labeling standards on chemicals, solvents and mixtures that are potentially fatal for workers and consumers."

    This warning sign can range from a full explanation of potential safety issues to a one or two-word cautionary message. Many companies opt for safety messages and instructions instead of words like "danger" and "caution" to increase legal protection in case of mishandled items.


    Advice on Safety Labeling


    The proliferation of safety labels in American workplaces over the last three decades has helped save millions of lives. Common accidents involving waste handling, machine operation and personal conduct have been diminished with warning signs. A new business should not open for operation without ordering labels, signs and other materials with safety warnings.

    A fundamental approach to safety for any business is providing precautionary signs to improve employee conduct. Every company with any degree of risk in daily operations needs a first aid sign near kits and supplies for emergency medical care. Restaurants, food processors and hospitals must have hand washing signs to meet state health requirements. A final sign that can discourage inefficiency and poor health in the workplace is a label prohibiting food and drink at work stations.


    Reducing Liability


    Manufacturers ranging from automakers to computer factories must have mechanical safety signs to reduce accidents. Every machine and processing station should have warning labels requiring goggles to avoid eye problems due to errant materials. Pinch point warnings for exposed gears and motors diminish liability for employers while keeping workers aware of hand location.

    The most important signs and warning labels address widespread hazards in the workplace. Workers who are careless when handling poisonous chemicals and flammable materials present safety problems for their entire department. "...The placement of safety labels near disposal areas, work stations and gathering spaces remind workers to remain safe throughout their shifts."