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    Membrane Keypad


    Membrane Keypads Provide Simplicity and Flexibility 


    Touch Response / Uses Ink / Applicable to Your Equipment


    A membrane switch is designed with a graphic top layer and a ciruit underneath. You make contact by 'shorting' the conductive circuit. The logic of a membrane switch requires that your layout of 'wires' corresponds to the graphics and the logic pattern of your control panel.

    A tactile switch features metal domes stationed between the membrane layer and the electrical contacts. These domes are flexible enough to push down on the appropriate contact when pressure is applied and snap back into place after pressure is relieved.

    The aesthetics, engineering and design elements of a membrane switch requires expertise. Our design and engineering group can assist you in making sure you make the right decisons.

    Items for Consideration:

            Material selection: Indoor/Outdoor, Durability, Chemical resistance, and aesthetics.

            Graphic layer: Embossed, colors, font, ergonomic design.

            Conductive layer: Wiring to match your logic pattern.

            Base adhesive: To provide a lasting bond to your substrate.                                                             

            Static Shield: Calculated to maximum level of electrical interference.

    • Formex insulation
    • Spacer
    • Backer


    Technical Specifications


    Membrane Connectors: Nicomatic / Solder / Zif / Berg 



    Edlund Circuit Golframa Circuit Pollack Circuit